Explus is a project that wants to unlock the power of engagement between fans and celebrities through the Blockchain. EXPlus allows you to purchase and exchange celebrity tokens and, thanks to them, actively participate in the celebrity’s activity, through reserved initiatives and contests and, above all, by collecting artistic NFTs, connected to memorabilia or experience gateways that will be exclusively accessible through the our platform.

EXPlus is a collection of NFTs designed to have real utility. In fact, NFT holders will be able to redeem a one-of-a-kind experience or memorabilia through the www.explus.tech platform.

The term NFT stands for Non Fungible Token.

An NFT is a one-of-a-kind, non-replicable and non-replaceable piece, therefore a “digital” asset that can represent “real” world assets such as works of art, text, audio, video or images.

Because we guarantee something unique that you would not be able to get and/or experience in any other way.

An object used by an athlete during a competition, the possibility of meeting one’s favorite and training together, the possibility of collecting an NFT created by an artist.

Blockchain is a technology whose register is structured as if it were a chain of blocks, containing transactions, data and information, which manages a public register in a unique and secure way without any need for centralized control.

Blockchain increases the trust, security, transparency and traceability of data shared in a network – and offers cost savings through new and efficient solutions.

It is ideal for transmitting data because it provides instant, shared and completely transparent information stored in an immutable register that can only be accessed by authorized network members.

An e-wallet is a secure digital wallet that allows the user to store, send and receive digital currency. Through the e-wallet and the blockchain you can buy or sell NFTs and Cryptocurrencies. In our case Ethereum and Polygon.

The most common use that can be made of NFTs is the representation of digital property. Most of the systems that support NFTs today allow to tokenize a digital work of art, whether it is an image, or even a song, or a video or for gamification. Since they are digital assets deployed on a blockchain to fully use an NFT you will need an e-wallet.

There are several ways to open an e-wallet, the simplest is to download applications such as Safepal or Metamask (https://metamask.io/download/) which allows you to have your wallet in few seconds. Once Metamask is started, a so-called “Seed Phrase” will be shown, i.e. a sequence of words that serve as a recovery code for your wallet: be sure to save it in a safe place.

The sale of NFTs takes place on the so-called dedicated “marketplaces”. They are virtual spaces where users can sell or buy NFTs. These platforms differ from each other in terms of commissions, the type of NFTs sold and the particular services offered. We use Opensea https://opensea.io, the most famous and safest marketplace.

Most of Explus NFT contains benefit, so if you have one, you can redeem your reward: to do this, simply go to the specific section of Explus, connect your e-wallet and follow the easy on-screen instructions.

The utilities of NFTs are divided between experience and memorabilia.

  • Experience, are dream experiences linked to the celebrities who are part of EXplus.

the opportunity to meet a champion, to train with him or to attend his exclusive training session.

  • Memorabilia, are unique items that EXplus champions have used in their historical victories.

As a member of the community you will have a direct channel with the EXPlus project with dedicated communications and the privilege to have your say on the project so you can build it together! To be part of the community, just connect and register to our Discord channel https://discord.gg/xUykxvjr3S