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We help and support companies, Federations, athletes and events in their path of approaching, entering and staying in the Web3 world, conceiving and implementing taylor-made projects aimed at optimizing what will become an important new business asset.We are able to achieve this thanks to our experience, know-how and support of important and renowned market-leading industry […]

Take your brand into the future: phygitalize with EXPlus


We unite the physical and digital worlds together with innovative experiences and engaging content. Discover the power of connecting the real and virtual with our phygitalization solution tailored just for you.


Discover our approach to launching dedicated collections and take your digital presence to new levels of engagement and originality, elevating your virtual presence with style

Your platform, your vision


We develop dedicated marketplaces tailored to connect you with your audience and grow your business online. Your digital experience starts here, with EXPlus.

Ensuring integrity and security


Rely on EXPlus to protect your data and business processes through cutting-edge blockchain technologies. The key to a secure and reliable digital future.

Guide your stars to the digital future


EXPlus supports celebrities in adopting Web3 solutions to create and solidify authentic connections with their communities.

Explore new worlds with EXPlus


Developing metaversal environments tailored to your business. We create customized virtual worlds that enhance your online presence and open up new opportunities for interaction and engagement.