Through EXPlus, the Memorabid marketplace is the first auction house in the Web3 that turns physical memorabilia into authentic digital assets. With the “MemoraPhygital” package, EXPlus integrates NFC chips on memorabilia, linking them to certificates of authenticity, digital artworks and extra multimedia materials. The buyer receives personalized assistance to easily access NFTs in Web3. Unique […]

La Luce delle Donne – Care to Action

The initiative tangibly supports projects for children, women and vulnerable communities in India. Unique phygitalized memorabilia certified on Blockchain Exclusive experiences

Sardinia Challenge 2023 – WDSF World Dancing League

International dance event held in Cagliari, Italy

PL Open International 2023 – Novak Djokovic Foundation

Outstanding tennis event followed by a charity gala at “La Lanterna” in Rome.

Street Skateboarding Rome 2023

Custom Phygital Trophies Each winner received a personalized Phygital trophy, combining traditional physical recognition with unique digital content. High level of engagement Creating a digital community around the event through stickers and EXPlus Digital Membership Card. NFT ensure future discounts and benefits Each NFT redeemed paved the way for discounts on future merchandise and memberships, […]

Dominate The Water 2023

Custom Phygital Medals Each participant received a personalized Phygital medal, combining traditional physical recognition with unique digital content. Extra content and sponsor involvement Videos customized by Gregorio Paltrinieri, sustainability certifications, and NFT Art enriched the experience. Sponsors enjoyed new opportunities for digital engagement. NFT guarantee discounts and future benefits Each NFT redeemed paved the way […]

Internazionali BNL d’Italia 2023

Mondadori – Gigi Datome

The world’s first Mondadori phygitalized book. 20 limited edition copies were phygitalized with dedicated and exclusive content created by Datome himself. On the occasion of the first day of playoffs 2023, the entire Assago Forum was covered with promotional flyers with the reference QR code to download the digital copy of the book cover and […]