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Preferred animal for Luigi Datome

Giuseppe Stampone and Jack Pedalino have created exclusively for EXPlus this graphic based specifically on the relationship between Gigi and his preferred animal.

Giuseppe Stampone

Giuseppe Stampone is an Italian artist, born in Cluses, France, in 1974. He works in Rome, Brussels and New York. His artistic production ranges from multimedia and video installations to drawings made with the Bic pen, a flagship technique in many of his projects. He is the founder of Progetto Solstizio ( created in collaboration […]

Andrea Simonelli

Jack Pedalino alias Andrea Simonelli, was born in 2001; he is a young artist from the Roman province. Passionate about drawing since his childhood, during the first years of adolescence he got involved in the world of comics and illustration, realizing that this would be the backbone of his future. He is now attending the […]


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